Done! (again)

Yup, I finished reorganizing the Stitch Gallery (again)
and I’m doing the happy dance.

I’ve added new pictures for the YO-Top Stitches and will be ignoring the rest of the 2YO-Top Stitches because it’s easy to see how they’ll go by looking at the YO-Top ones.

A few comments on the YO-Tops:
1. They all lean in the direction of the return pass
(if you do them the way I do).

Well… all except for the YO-Top Full Stitch, which is pretty nasty otherwise.

2. The YO-Top versions of the K stitches generally look nice from the back (very different, but nice).
That’s why I included pictures of the back.

3. The YO-Top versions of the Post and Vee stitch form deep flaps on the back (see pictures). One might be able to use these as a design element.

And I’ve made some progress on the knit portion
of the hat with the star stitch band:

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