My Start

The Point

When I was young, I wanted to have my own multiple-harness loom and use it to create beautiful geometric designs in fabrics.  I loved the colors, I loved the math, and I loved working with the gorgeous natural yarns.

Of course I always figured I’d do it later, when I was older.  However… I’ve made it to “older” and my thoughts have changed.  Now it seems like a huge hassle to find a loom, to find room for it, and to set it up.

So I’m using Tunisian crochet, instead.  😀
(…So now I’m TuniCWeaver and can be reached at that screen name, through )


Below is the book that was most helpful in helping me remember what crochet techniques I once knew. This book also introduced me to three (3) Tunisian crochet stitches. I’ve put some traditional metal crochet hooks on top of it.
Learn Visually Book

Below is another very helpful book for getting started with basic techniques. I’ve put a metal Tunisian hook on top of that one. These have a differently-shaped hook, so I don’t prefer that kind.
Encyclopedia of Crochet

This book also helped me out a lot when I was a newbie, with some of my favorite bamboo hooks on top. You can now get an electronic or paper version of this at: .
Easy Tunisian Stitches
I still like it a lot, but new books for newbies have since come out, so I no longer have a favorite.

6 responses to “My Start

  1. Becky Murayama

    If you have a news letter, please include me on your list of recipients.

  2. Thank you for all the nice photos of stitches. Just started tunisian or what ever its called the other week. Trying to find shorter needle (have crochenit), as seems like could damage person next to me at a meeting. Looking for cable or circular crochet hooks. Havnt found them local yet.
    Like so many colors see in your samples.

  3. Gundega Korsts

    One nice thing about tunisian in the round is that it can be worked with a short hook (altho’ it must be double-ended). Clover makes bamboo hooks sizes G, H, I, and J. I’d like some smaller ones, but that may come.

    • I’ve been using cabled Knitters Pride ones (with hooks at both ends). I have those down to E/4/3.5 mm, but I don’t find that I use them much.

      The smallest ones I use (for socks) are the G/6/4.0 mm size, but the Sock Stitch that I’ve been using is quite tight and requires larger hooks than the Simple Stitch.

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