Stitch Gallery 2

This is my gallery for less traditional tunisian stitches and stitch combos; ones that are done “in the round”, with the return pass following the forward pass or ones that keep the forward and return passes in different yarns by turning the work and using reverse stitches.

You need a 2-ended hook for these.



Corregated Combos

Rib Combos

9 responses to “Stitch Gallery 2

  1. Padma

    Thank you for all your lovely swatches & explanations. This is a treasure trove and a time-saver for someone like me who’s slowly getting addicted to Tunisian. Your work is inspiring.

  2. MmeManga

    Your experimental stitch gallery is just what I have been looking for! There are so few sources for Tunisian crochet out there, and no two writers seem to use the same notation or the same names for stitches once you get much past Tss and Tks. I started just playing with the structure of the stitches like you have to find new combinations, and I’m so glad to see that someone else has done the hard work of notation and photography! You have been very systematic.

    I have also been using the version of Tss with the hook put through the front horizontal bar as well as the vertical! I think it improves almost everything about the stitch. I wonder, have you experimented with a stitch I hit on a while ago for a project? After searching, I don’t think I see it in your gallery. I could have missed it, though!

    I don’t know that I can describe it in your notation, but it seems very basic: I put the hook straight through the horizontal chain front to back, with the front horizontal bar below the hook, and pull up a loop. The return pass is normal. I have to alternate the rows as with full stitch (Gobelin stitch) so that the piece doesn’t keep adding stitches on the right-hand side and losing them on the left. I call it ’twill stitch’ in my own head, since to me it looks like a woven twill fabric on the right side. It’s got a nice drape and open structure.

    • That sounds interesting.
      I don’t remember trying it, but I’ve been less interested in open stitches so far.
      …But it might make a lovely summer hairband, so I may try it soon.

      Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  3. “Stitch Gallery 2 | A Quest for Beauty & Utility through Tunisian
    Crochet” ended up being a good posting. If perhaps it possessed a lot more photos it would definitely be perhaps even a lot better.
    Regards ,Violette

  4. Natalie

    This is my new favorite resource… finding a really good list/explanation of the stitches is a pain in the butt… Can’t wait to try some of these. 😀

  5. Janice in Alaska

    WOW !! Amazing Thank you for such a resource for Tunisian crochet 🙂

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