Last Market Bag

I’ve been spending too much time on these, so this is the last one.

It’s optimized, with a nice thick bottom.

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Another Bag

Like this one because I used a nice cushy worsted weight yarn for the bottom and the handles.

You can see the pictures above (with the bag empty, full of heavy stuff, and flat).

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This is another market bag, of large size and with an improvement.

I’ve used thin rayon crochet yarn to give it thin, stretchy walls.

The improvement is that I doubled the yarn so that the bottom, top, and loops are made with a thicker, plusher fabric. This worked out well.

Pictures of bag, empty and loaded:

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Finished Another One

This time I left off the zipper, which seemed silly, and did it all in Tunisian crochet.

It does not stretch as long, without the knit part. On the other hand, I need to find a better-looking Tunisian lacy stitch.


I really like the mercerized cotton crochet yarn for this type of bag. The bright lime green yarn is something else and perhaps not as successful.

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Finished Zipper Bag

And I’m not thrilled with it. I think maybe zippers are silly.


I’ve started on a new and better one, that won’t have a zipper. 🙂

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A better zipper bag

I hope…

After perusing the choices at the Walmart and the Hobby Lobby, I decided on mercerized cotton (size 3) crochet yarn this time. So far I’m using it with an H/8 hook and the bottom is working out well.


If you are a Ravelry person, you can see more details at Rav Project

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Prototype Zipper Bag

It’s not perfect, but at least it’s finally done.

I added a zipper to keep stuff in
and a twill strap to keep it off the ground…

And filled with heavy stuff…

I made it with baby yarn (acrylic/nylon), which was a pain and may have been a mistake.
I’m mulling over improvements before I start the next one.


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