Stitch Combo Gallery

This gallery shows combinations of stitches.
(Stitch Gallery 1 was getting too long.)

Corrugated Stitch Combos (starting with the reverse combos)
Reverse Corr

Corr combos

More corrs

Deep Rib Stitch Combos
rib 1

Subtler Rib Stitch Combos
subtle rib

Both Rib and Corrugated Stitch Combos

Honeycomb Stitch Combos

more honeycomb

Some Stitch Combos for Socks
Sock stitches 1
sock st 2

3 responses to “Stitch Combo Gallery

  1. Hi, I want to ask you about reverse combos: Are they made on double ended cook? In Knit-FrtBar wich bar do you mean horizontal or vertical bar? Thank tou in advance

    • Reverse stitches are stitches where you hook through the fabric toward you, instead of reaching to the back. This produces what looks like the usual stitches, but facing toward the other side of the fabric.

      The double-ended hooks can be used with the reverse stitches to flip the work, so that you are looking at the “back side” of the fabric as you do every other row.

      I have labeled the bars in a photo at (the Notation page of this blog).

      Generally, the vertical bars are the ones that run up and down. The horizontal bars run sideways and are part of the return chain (the chain that you do on the return pass).

  2. gloria

    excelente gracias

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