“How to” videos:
The Crochet Side videos:

Knit Denise videos:

NexStitch videos:

Other “how to” info:
How to reduce curl–ChezCrochet:

Chainless foundation rows from Teresa ( )
Single crochet version:
Half double crochet version:
Double crochet version:

How to do tunisian in the round, from the Laughing Willow:

On-line instructions for those who don’t run videos on their computer:

To purchase an electronic copy of 101 Easy Tunisian Stitches:

Instructions for Continental Knitting:

Where the action is:
The Yahoo Tunisian Crochet Group:


Ravelry’s Tunisian Crochet Beginner Group:
(You need to be signed into Ravelry to see it)

Keeping up:
Crochet Insider:

Crochet Concupiscence:

Designing Vashti:

Earlier era “how to” links:
The Dictionary of Needlework–Tunisian Crochet:;size=100;id=mdp.39015011963256;page=root;seq=50;num=128

Finding the Dictionary of Needlework:

Encyclopedia of Needlework–Crochet:

3 responses to “Links

  1. LisaDee

    Hi, I’ve just come across your wonderful site and sadly I can’t see the photograph of the conversion table under “Stitch Notation” – it says that it’s not currently available. Are you putting it back up – I really hope you are. I had lost my interest in Tunisian crochet until I found your site!

    • Is it back?
      It disappeared when I reloaded the Stitch Notation page, too.

      I’ve reentered the URL and now it seems fixed from this end.
      Perhaps Flickr or WordPress is fighting off hackers.

      If there’s still a problem tomorrow, I’ll look into it.

      • LisaDee

        Oh yes, it’s there now. Fabulous, thanks so much. Now to dust off my hook and practise some of those stitches.

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