Columbia SC Pics

(6-2-14) Cat Change
Both of the old cats who used to model my creations, have passed on.
And that would be these guys:

We have been joined by a couple of new to us, Turkish Angora mix cats.
And that would be these cuties:


(2-13) Columbia Ice Rink
This was our temporary ice rink. (It’s at the Art Museum, again.)
The little vehicle with the water tank is a SC-style Zamboni machine. Too cute!
ice rink

This other picture shows the ice rink components,
dissembled and loaded on a truck, ready to depart.


(11-17-12) Yarn-bombing at the Art Museum
…Actually, this was an invited show and all of the pieces had little paper tags that IDed the artist.
Pic 1
You can see the new Main Street Farmers’ Market going on in the background above.

Pic 2


(9-19-16):  More Yarn Bombing in Columbia

These are on Main St, near the Art Museum

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