2-Ended Hook “In the Round” Instructions

I posted these on Ravelry, so I’m copying them to here.
This is the slackers way that I do it.

1) Do a row or 2 by the usual technique.
(You’ll seam the ends together after you’re done.)

2) When you reach the end of the forward pass,
start doing stitches into the other end of the piece.
(It’s VERY important to make sure the piece isn’t twisted before you start.)
And if you don’t follow this step, viewing the video below will probably help.

3) Keep doing the forward pass until just before it becomes awkward,
then turn the piece around,
so that the wrong side of the part you’re working is facing you.

Use the other end of the hook to pull chains through the loops
(do the return pass),
until you have 5-7 loops left on the hook.

4) Turn the piece around again
(in the reverse direction, so you don’t twist up the 2 yarns)
and continue on with the forward pass.

This is my shot at written directions.
Any resemblance to other written directions is accidental.

The Laughing Willow’s Video:


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2 responses to “2-Ended Hook “In the Round” Instructions

  1. Padma

    Does the double-ended spiral technique work well for sweaters i.e. is the “spiral” clearly (and unappealingly) visible as opposed to closed rounds ?
    Would be glad to get your opinion. Regards, Padma.

    • One could hide the spiral the same way that knitters do,
      by modifying the stitches at the transition, but I’ve never seen instructions for how to do it.

      And I think that some Scandinavians cut their work at the transition, after first securing the fabric on both sides of the cut.
      This is called “steeking”.

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