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This is another market bag, of large size and with an improvement.

I’ve used thin rayon crochet yarn to give it thin, stretchy walls.

The improvement is that I doubled the yarn so that the bottom, top, and loops are made with a thicker, plusher fabric. This worked out well.

Pictures of bag, empty and loaded:

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Finished Another One

This time I left off the zipper, which seemed silly, and did it all in Tunisian crochet.

It does not stretch as long, without the knit part. On the other hand, I need to find a better-looking Tunisian lacy stitch.


I really like the mercerized cotton crochet yarn for this type of bag. The bright lime green yarn is something else and perhaps not as successful.

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Finished Zipper Bag

And I’m not thrilled with it. I think maybe zippers are silly.


I’ve started on a new and better one, that won’t have a zipper. 🙂

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Prototype Zipper Bag

It’s not perfect, but at least it’s finally done.

I added a zipper to keep stuff in
and a twill strap to keep it off the ground…

And filled with heavy stuff…

I made it with baby yarn (acrylic/nylon), which was a pain and may have been a mistake.
I’m mulling over improvements before I start the next one.


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The Mark 2 is Better

Yes, I like this one…


The tricks:
1. I used a contrasting yarn for the return chain in the “in the round” Tunisian crochet.

2. I made the handles much shorter because they stretched a lot–more than I would have thought possible.

3. I also gave the handles a deliberate lean by skipping the first stitch of the forward pass then adding an extra stitch at the end of the forward pass. Otherwise the stitch I used (the chain-top simple stitch, which is often called the extended simple stitch) crochets up fairly square.

4. I’ve made the handles wider where they connect to the bag. This gives the bag a better shape.

5. The lacy part of the “in the round” knitting is: “purl 2 together” alternated with “yarn overs” for a full row, then two (2) rows of straight knit stitch (stockinette), and repeat.

If you have other questions, please ask.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying using this one 🙂


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Hybrid TC/Knit Market Bags

So this is Mark 1, which is very large–nice when I’m trying to overload my scooter, but otherwise…

This is the start of Mark 2, alongside the finished Mark 1
The green in Mark 2 is leftover from Mark 1.

This is Mark 2 as I’m transitioning from a 9/I double-ended hook to a Size 9 circular knitting needle

And this is Mark 2 after a bit of (knit) stockinette

This one seems to be going well, so far…

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Market Bag for Exercise Stuff

I’ve been carrying my exercise stuff in one of my early market bags and I was pretty sure that I could do better.


What the bottom looks like…

It looks like I can successfully design these from scratch now, so I will probably write this up as a free PDF and offer it through Ravelry (maybe, if I get around to it).

The tricks…
1. Create a smallish square using traditional Tunisian Crochet
2. Add to all 4 edges using in-the-round TC with a 2-ended hook
3. Loop around several times with increases at each corner until the bottom is sort of round
4. From there, increase the number of chains for every other stitch on the return pass (this will gradually take you from a dense fabric to an open mesh, while increasing the bag’s diameter)
5. Once you have 3 chains between every stitch, stop expanding the bag (this is the cylindrical body of the bag)
6. At the top, turn the mesh back into a solid ribbon by doing 4 stitches about each chain, while binding off the top of the stitch
7. Add 2 rectangular handles to the solid ribbon at the top and you’re done!

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