Stitch Notation

This notation started as a personal thing,
so that I would be able to keep track of my experiments with different stitches.

However, the old version was starting to confuse even me,
plus it looked to me like tunisian crochet folks really needed more of a communication tool.

So below is the notation that (with help from the community) I developed, then revised.  


Conversion table showing how this works:
Conversion Table

Choices of hook strokes:
Chart of Strokes



7 responses to “Stitch Notation

  1. Jude

    Whew, this looks complicated. I was trying to figure out how you to the b/acy stitch and I am totally lost. Any advice?

    • It’s not really complicated
      It’s just my background in physics & trying to set up a set of operators that cover all you can do

      I’ll post some pictures of that one, once I’m sober 😉

    • The new bit at the end should help.

      The notation just describes the hook strokes on the forward pass
      and there’s only one of these in the B/acy stitch.

      Thanks for the feedback… I wasn’t seriously expecting anyone to read this.

      • Not the first time I’ve looked and read … and relooked and reread.

        Undoubtedly will not be the last of my visits!

        I’m glad you’re sharing, even though physics in the mathematical sense are not my bag.

        My vocation was as a statistical typist (125 wpm) and loved typing numbers although hated arithmetic and math when in school. Go figure.

      • Glad if you’re making any sense out of this

        If you see a way of making it clearer, please let me know

  2. Gaaack, I have full confidence in you!! Waiting for me could be fatal. LOL

    You’ve done an extraordinary job of showing the stitches … thank you!

    There are so many WIPs that I haven’t been able to devote much time to TC … but my curiousity continues and that’s a good thing.

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