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New Grocery Bag

This one is all Tunisian crochet and kinda homely, but it worked well on its maiden run (in the 2nd picture it’s loaded and strapped to the back seat of my scooter).


Bag BagOnScooter

As you can see in the 2nd picture, it’s fairly large.  It has a 2.5 gallon (9.45 liter) container of water and other stuff inside.

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New Type of Market Bag

This one is all Tunisian crochet in the round.


I used my Denise hooks…


and a variety of sizes for the forward hook, to make the rows taller and the fabric thinner at the bag’s mid-height…


I also used a little starter square at the bottom,
then crocheted to its edges to start the in-the-round crochet…


This project turned out well.

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Last Market Bag

I’ve been spending too much time on these, so this is the last one.

It’s optimized, with a nice thick bottom.

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This is another market bag, of large size and with an improvement.

I’ve used thin rayon crochet yarn to give it thin, stretchy walls.

The improvement is that I doubled the yarn so that the bottom, top, and loops are made with a thicker, plusher fabric. This worked out well.

Pictures of bag, empty and loaded:

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Finished Another One

This time I left off the zipper, which seemed silly, and did it all in Tunisian crochet.

It does not stretch as long, without the knit part. On the other hand, I need to find a better-looking Tunisian lacy stitch.


I really like the mercerized cotton crochet yarn for this type of bag. The bright lime green yarn is something else and perhaps not as successful.

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Market Bag Pattern Available

It’s finally done and it was way longer than I expected.

I’ve posted it at Ravelry as a freebie PDF.
You should be able to download it from:
download now

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The Mark 2 is Better

Yes, I like this one…


The tricks:
1. I used a contrasting yarn for the return chain in the “in the round” Tunisian crochet.

2. I made the handles much shorter because they stretched a lot–more than I would have thought possible.

3. I also gave the handles a deliberate lean by skipping the first stitch of the forward pass then adding an extra stitch at the end of the forward pass. Otherwise the stitch I used (the chain-top simple stitch, which is often called the extended simple stitch) crochets up fairly square.

4. I’ve made the handles wider where they connect to the bag. This gives the bag a better shape.

5. The lacy part of the “in the round” knitting is: “purl 2 together” alternated with “yarn overs” for a full row, then two (2) rows of straight knit stitch (stockinette), and repeat.

If you have other questions, please ask.

Meanwhile I’m enjoying using this one 🙂


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