Market Bag for Exercise Stuff

I’ve been carrying my exercise stuff in one of my early market bags and I was pretty sure that I could do better.


What the bottom looks like…

It looks like I can successfully design these from scratch now, so I will probably write this up as a free PDF and offer it through Ravelry (maybe, if I get around to it).

The tricks…
1. Create a smallish square using traditional Tunisian Crochet
2. Add to all 4 edges using in-the-round TC with a 2-ended hook
3. Loop around several times with increases at each corner until the bottom is sort of round
4. From there, increase the number of chains for every other stitch on the return pass (this will gradually take you from a dense fabric to an open mesh, while increasing the bag’s diameter)
5. Once you have 3 chains between every stitch, stop expanding the bag (this is the cylindrical body of the bag)
6. At the top, turn the mesh back into a solid ribbon by doing 4 stitches about each chain, while binding off the top of the stitch
7. Add 2 rectangular handles to the solid ribbon at the top and you’re done!

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One response to “Market Bag for Exercise Stuff

  1. Padma

    Wow! This is so impressive. A yoga bag in Tunisian. Thanks so much. Can’t wait for the pdf pattern…..

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