Open Stitch for Market Bag

Okay, this one looks better, so I’m documenting it.

This is a picture of the stitch when relaxed (well, the top is…
the lower part is the bottom of the bag that I described earlier).

This stitch is quite similar to the bottom during the forward pass,
except that you pull the loop around the chain,
instead of hooking it through the front vertical bar.

The other big difference is
that you chain twice between each stitch of the return pass,
as shown below…

Moving to the forward pass,
start the stitch by doing a “yarn over”

Then hook around the extended return chain

Then chain once through the loop you just pulled

And finish the stitch by pulling a loop though the last stitch
and through the “yarn over”

And that’s it!
It goes pretty quickly, once you’ve got it down.

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Filed under Crochet Project, Tunisian Crochet Stitches

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