Revised Market Bag

Okay, the one I was talking about in the last post was really, really ugly.
I ripped it three (3) times and it kept getting uglier. So… a fresh start.

I’ll be reverse-engineering this drying bag that I made a couple of years ago…
(This cat is developing into a total ham and I suspect you’ll be seeing a lot of her.)

So far I’ve done the bottom, which is much larger than I used for the drying bag.

I’ve also used a different stitch, where I do an extended “Extra YO Top” stitch.
I start by doing a yarn over (YO).

Then I draw a loop through VFrtBar (the one we use for simple stitch),
leaving the YO on the hook.

Then I add a chain to the last loop.

Then I finish the stitch by drawing together the last two (2) loops (including the YO).

I also add a couple of chains to the end stitches,

so that they are the same height.
The left side

And the right side

I’m using an eight (8) hook and DK yarn,
so the result is airy and stretchy.
…So that’s it so far.

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