Starting Market Bag Pattern

I looked back at the “Bag Stitch” in my Stitch Gallery 1 and the description is indeed pretty useless. After playing around with it for a while, it looks like I did my 2YO Top stitch (which is described) with some extra chains in the return pass.

I’ll be creating a pattern, rather than updating the Stitch Gallery.
I may or may not charge for the pattern, but in any event, I’ll be describing my progress here. …So the Tunisian stitch explorers among you can probably figure out how to do the pattern from that.

I’m using a slightly shorter (undocumented) stitch for the bottom of of the bag. I start with a chain of 14 and do a spiral of seven (7) increases every time I go around.

I keep track of the increases by increasing every time I get back to the first leg of an increase in the last row.
That looks like this:

And the net effect looks like this:

I’m also creating more of an open web by chaining twice (instead of once) between stitches during the return pass,
as below:

So that’s what’s up so far.
I’m not sure I like the look of the stitch and will probably be swapping it out when I get to the sides of the bag.

And I’ll end with a picture the cat that was “helping” me take these pictures:


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2 responses to “Starting Market Bag Pattern

  1. Julia Thompson

    You are very talented! I love your pattern. May I ask which yarn did you use? It’s gorgeous!

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