Tunisian Sock Pattern–Planned

Yup, I’m working on one.
It’ll be another Ravelry PDF freebie, when it’s done.

I’ve made up some socks using a couple of light worsted-weight yarns.
I’m using a mercerized cotton for the inside to make the socks cooler (the hot season is starting here) and a pretty acrylic/nylon yarn for the outside.

As you can see, the one on the outside is Berrocco Comfort. The cotton one is probably a Cascade yarn (but I lost the wrapper long ago).

Using worsted-weight yarn produces a nubbie fabric and produces more of an odd-looking slipper, than a sock.
However, it’s really a lot harder to make the socks using lovely sock yarn.

But once you’ve mastered the techniques, then you can use finer yarn and the same pattern to make socks that look like this.

As I write up the pattern, I’ll be posting pointers here.

Pointer #1: how I do the toe on these (toe-up) socks
1. Make a butterfly-shaped piece
2. Attach two (2) corners together
3. Continue on by pulling loops at the edge of the starting row
4. Attach the 2nd set of butterfly corners
5. Continue on, in-the-round, to the rest of the sock
6. After the work is done, seam the open sides of the toe. This isn’t elegant, but it works better for me than trying to hook into the existing sides of the 1st half of the butterfly.

So yup, that’s the plan.


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2 responses to “Tunisian Sock Pattern–Planned

  1. I’ve been admiring your socks for a while, so I’m really looking forward to the pattern!

    Ringquelle on Ravelry

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