Cat Bed

I’ve been trying to keep my elderly cat warm, now that he has lost his “brother”.
So I made a cat bed that’s warm and soft.

I made a 7-part spiral for the front and had fun controlling the curvature with the height of the stitches:

I did 7-part decreases on the back to finish off the cover:
which left the front looking like this:

I made the innards from high-loft polyester batting.
I cut out a tube and some rounds with a rotary cutter and sewed the tube together with some yarn.
cutting assembled

And this was the net result:
As always, this is not nearly as glorious as I envisioned,
but the cat seems to like it.


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2 responses to “Cat Bed

  1. If the cat likes it, that’s all that matters 🙂 My cats have always preferred my bed to any they were supposed to use, so I gave up bothering!

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