Ways of Hooking the Yarn (YOs), Revisited

While making the last hat, I realized that my description of only 2 types of yarn overs (YOs) was not right. There are really three (3) distinct ways that I have been hooking the yarn.

The Traditional Crochet Hook
This is nice and secure and it’s the best one to use when you have no reason to use one of the others.

Here I’m executing a purled post stitch:

And this is the completed stitch.
cro hook 2

Hooking an Extra YO for a Purled Stitch
You need to do things differently to give an extra yarn over to the top of a purled stitch.

So this is the same purled post stitch again,
but with an extra YO on top, to create a bump in the finished fabric:
pic 1
Please notice that I’ve wrapped the yarn 1 1/2 times around the hook
AND in the other direction.

Here, you can see the extra loop, ready to go:
pic 2

The Untwisted Hook
I’ve been using this one a lot to lock a twist into stitches,
so that they stretch a bit in the sideways direction.
The trick here is NOT to twist the loop.

So this is the the return pass on an in-the-round piece:
untwisted 1
I bring the hook down onto the yarn and hook it as shown.

This is after drawing the loop through, to complete the stitch:
untwisted 2
You’ll need to undo any twist that you introduce,
so this is easier to do with the sort of hook that has a long point
(because there’s less need to twist the hook to keep the yarn on).

And finally, here’s the start of the next one:
untwisted 3

So that’s all I’ve got for today–three (3) distinct and useful ways of hooking the yarn,
when you’re doing Tunisian Crochet.

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