Another Hat

This one’s fairly successful and introduces some new techniques, so I’ll post the hat in this post and the new techniques in the next one.

I’ve gotten a job at JoAnn’s and am reconsidering whether I really want to be in the pattern selling business. I may go back to posting new developments here, then trying to organize them into a PDF booklet later on, which was my original plan.

The new hat is stripey because I swapped back and forth between the forward and return pass yarns. This was much easier than I expected.

The hat:
hat on

The back where I did the spiral join and switched between the yarns:
Surprisingly, the spiral joins actually looked neater after I started switching the yarns at the join.

The inside of the hat, so you can see the swapped yarns:

And this is the top of the hat, while I’m wearing it:
I’m liking the look of using 10 sections of decreases (and the math is easy 😉 )

That’s the hat.

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