Headband Breakthrough…

Yes indeed, there are some exciting times at this end.

I started adding random tops to my tunisian sock stitch
(aka Untwisted VBckBar Stitch)
to improve the fabric’s ventilation and flatness,
and hit on a winner that I should have been using all along.

This is the same foundation with a chain added to the top on the forward pass.
By some notations, that would make it an “Extended Untwisted VBckBar”,
but by my notation it’s a “Chain-top Untwisted VBckBar”.

Informally, I’m calling it the “cuff stitch”
because it would be better than the sock stitch combos that I have been using.

This is what it looks like,
just off of the head:


and after stretching:

I’ve also used a row of Purled Post on the top and bottom to make the piece neater,
but those rows are not necessary (because the chain-top stitch does not curl).

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