Looking good…

The sock stitch is working out well as headband material.

First I reproduced the stitch combo that I used for socks:
Sock/simple HB
It’s pretty,
but the simple stitch columns make the fabric significantly less stretchy.

Then I moved to straight sock stitch, which is kinda boring
and I didn’t finish the head band.

Then I moved to straight sock stitch,
except for a couple of rows of sock stitch, but extended upwards with a double-crochet top.

That worked out nicely and looks like this:
Sock/sock DC-top
Nice, very nice!!
Especially if you live in a steamy climate zone, like myself.

This is the back of the head band–the join doesn’t look too bad:

And this is what it looks like on the inside:
You can see the double-crochet ventilation peeking through.

Good so far…
Next, I’m going to try it in worsted-weight yarn (rather than the DK I used here).

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