Starting a new adventure…

I’m developing a headband pattern
that is mostly the sock stitch (Untwisted VBckBar).

I wanted to sell a PDF pattern on Ravelry
that contains carefully-prepared instructions on how to do that stitch,
using a worsted weight yarn (so that the stitch would be easier to learn).

So far:

And stretched out straight, to show the rows of sock stitch,
combined with a few rows of Purled Post stitch:
HBand, again

The elastic (horizontal) stretch of this stitch works nicely in a headband,
so all systems appear to be “go!”

Later edit:
Oops, I forgot to talk about the back:

I like natural fibers next to my skin,
so I’ve done the return pass in cotton.

Also, since the cotton yarn was a lighter weight,
I’ve used a smaller (J-10) hook for the return pass
versus a larger (K) hook for the forward pass.

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