Finished Wool Socks

…And these will be the last wool ones for a while.

They’re for the husband, who has small feet (for a man)
but in these pictures, they are on mine:
socks again and again

They came out well and
miraculously, I ran out of yarn when the cuffs almost matched.



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2 responses to “Finished Wool Socks

  1. Gundega Korsts

    I hope we’ll see your sock patterns soon. Your construction approach looks sweet. What I’ve tried mixes regular crochet for toe, heel, cuff, and ribbing, but with tunisian knit stitch for a cushioned sole and full stitch for a somewhat stretchy instep. The gusset increase comes in the tunisian portion, decreasing back to cuff width in regular stitches. All of it is worked in the round, except for the back-loop slip stitch or sc ribbing, which attaches sideways and needs one seam. Could be knit in the round, but I prefer to work entirely in crochet. I’ll post a photo of my prototype on Ravelry (Sveika).

    • Cool! I hope to be inspired by your creativity.

      The 1st all-Tunisian pattern should be ready soon. (The husband wishes me to finish up a couple of home projects first.)

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