Some serious progress…

Now this is a sock:
sock on
sock on 2

This shows striping due to a 3(Untwisted VBckBar)/1(Simple) stitch combo. The reverse pass shows through in the Simple stitch columns, creating a nice look.

And since there’s mainly Untwisted VBckBar everywhere, the sock is stretchy enough! (Unlike the last one I did in this yarn.)

Here’s the front and the back of the stitch combo:
There’s not much texture,
but I think that the color variation is enough.

Incidentally, I’m much happier with the tuni crocheted ankle.
If I put on a knit rib ankle, it seems way too flimsy next to the rest of the sock.


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2 responses to “Some serious progress…

  1. Padma

    I understood from your post that Untwisted VBckBar is stretchy. In your experience, which is the stretchiest stitch combo for ribbing e.g. for a sweater ? I’d much prefer to have the option of using TC to finish a sweater made in TC 🙂

  2. That stitch by itself is the stretchiest I’ve found, in the sideways direction.
    I can get it to look more rib-like, but that makes it less stretchy.

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