“Ribbed” Sock Stitch Combos

I’ve sadly given up trying to use mainly regular Tunisian Crochet stitches for socks,
because they have very little elastic stretch to them. 😦

The Untwisted VBckBar stitch, on the other hand,
has about as much stretch in two (2) directions as the knit stockinette stitch, so it works well.

I did a sampler of rib-like stitch combos with the Untwisted VBckBar stitch that I’ve been using for socks.
The results are documented at the end of my Stitch Combo Gallery page.

After scrutinizing this a bit, I started some socks with an Untwisted VBckBar/Simple rib on the top of the foot.

This is working out pretty well–there’s no rib texture,
but the contrasting stripes from the self-striping yarn in the return pass do show up nicely
in the columns of Simple stitches.

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