2 Better Socks

I finished the other Sultana stripe sock
and it looks better without the ribbing effect:

It turns out the tweed-look nubs are an artifact of keeping the standard YO
when I’m crocheting the return pass in-the-round
(because you switch to working the return pass from the backside).

You can see a bit of it again on the bottom the next sock,
because I didn’t figure this out until I’d finished it:

So, big lesson here…
The nubs disappear and the fabric is stretchier if you switch to the other YO (from YBW to YFW in my notation)
when working the return pass for the Untwisted VBckBar Stitch from the back..

Also, I did the ankle in knit rib for the last sock,
but didn’t like the effect as much as I thought I would.
I miss the nubby inside of the Tunisian fabric around my ankles.

The stretchier knit ankle makes it easier to get the socks on and off
without a precise fit in the ankles.
…Live and learn.

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Filed under Crochet Project, Tunisian Crochet Technique

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