Tuni Socks, Again

I did a 2nd Michelin Man sock/slipper,
which looks about the same, only with better finishing details.

I’m not thrilled with it because the ankle doesn’t stretch enough to get my foot in easily.

So now I’m doing a last pair with looser ankles, but I don’t really like the look of that, so these will probably be my last all-Tunisian socks for a while–I’m going back to knitted rib cuffs.

I’ve finished one and it fits the foot nicely:
sock side

I find the rib-look combo a bit busy with this yarn,
so the next one will be plain Untwisted VBckBar stitch.

This is the start of it:
I’m using both ends of a center-pull ball of yarn,
which is stuffed inside the proto-sock.

I am enjoying colors greatly–this is Patons Kroy/Sultana Stripe yarn.
Enough for now, so cheers!

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Filed under Crochet Project, Tunisian Crochet Technique

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