Michelin Man Sock 1

I finished the first one
This is a combo of 3 rows of Untwisted VBckBar and 3 rows of Purled Post stitches on the top of the foot and around the ankle.
I’ve used plain Untwisted VBckBar on the sole and heel.

I’m not too satisfied with the joins, particularly on the side I’m not showing you.

I’ll be doing the foot of the next one as a flat piece,
then whipstitching the foot together and doing tunisian in-the-round for the ankle.

A note on return chain YOs:
Now that I catch the CW & CCW YO thing, I realize that the only difference between the Table 2 stitches and the rest of them is the YO on the return chain in the back.

Eventually I’ll be reorganizing the stuff on Stitch Gallery 2 back into the other Stitch Galleries.
(Wellll… eventually, I’ll be needing to clean up a lot of stuff.)

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