Arghhh, CW and CCW YOs

Bad news, more bad news, and then we start on the good news.

Bad News 1: I’ve been ignoring which way I do the YOs (yarn overs)
and it can make a difference.

Bad News 2: I’ve been doing the YOs the wrong way for most of the stitches where it matters.
And I haven’t been keeping track of when I do this.

Lots of good news:
I finally noticed my problem while watching one of Kim Guzman’s videos.
Unsurprisingly, she does everything the right way.

In crochet, you are supposed to do YOs clockwise (CW), looking at the head end of the hook.

This is a proper CW YO:

This is the way I do a CCW (counterclockwise) YO:
In practice, the difference is very subtle when I’m crocheting quickly
and I usually do.

The front vertical bar leans distinctly forward when you do a CW YO
and not if you do the CCW YO

Among the traditional stitches, this whole CW/CCW thing matters most
in the Knit and Twisted Knit stitches.

So, these are the Knit stitch (done with a CW YO)
and the Twisted Knit (done with a CCW YO)
The only difference between them is that, if you looks really carefully, you can see that different legs of the stitch lead slightly.
(If you swap the YO direction, you get more twisted stitches in both cases.)

—A few other helpful pictures that I’m posting here, so I can find them again.—

Purling the Simple stitch (with a CW YO)

Twisting a Simple stitch to form my old Twisted Simple stitch
(which I’ll eventually be renaming the Simple Twisted VFrtBar stitch)
twist VFrt

And doing an end stitch that leaves a nice chain face

Enough for today…
I’m working on sock/slippers using a new Untwisted Simple-VBckBar stitch
(which is the one that’s showing up in most of the pictures above)


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3 responses to “Arghhh, CW and CCW YOs

  1. Padma

    Thanks for showing the effect of difference in direction of YOs. The Japanese patterns actually use the opposite direction of YO for the TPS as compared to Western books. The difference in the look of the stitch is more noticeable here. Regards & good luck. Padma.

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