All Tuni Slipper Socks (sort of)

I figured that I have the shaping and the fit down, so I no longer need the additional stretchiness of the knit rib.

So I replaced the knit part with 2-ended tunisian crochet, worked in the round.

That worked, but I must have been out of my mind when chose the yarn. It would have just been a bit garish if I’d been knitting them, as you can see from the inside:

But the effect of the forward and reverse passes is pretty alarming:

I’m pleased with the fit and the bulge at the top (that I got by swapping in a Purl stitch in place of a narrower stitch–it’s not folded).

I’m going to try this again with less colorful yarn and a K-TopKnot/(2 Twisted Knit) rib combo. (The K-TopKnot is the only K/Knit stitch that’s easy to do in 2-ended tuni crochet, where you find yourself working with the back of the return chain).

So the Sock Saga continues…


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4 responses to “All Tuni Slipper Socks (sort of)

  1. Marny

    For a more diagonal look from little toe to big toe, can you decrease?

    How would that look, I wonder.

  2. You could always wear them inside out 🙂

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