On to more subtle Rib Stitch Combos

Okay, I figure I’ve fully investigated how to do deep corrugated stitch combos and how to turn them sideways to imitate knit rib. I’m done with that.

The Knit-BckBar combined with its reverse and is the best for that and it does produce a lovely, stretchy stitch. …But it’s a lot less trouble to just learn to knit rib, IMO.

Now I’m moving on to subtler rib stitch combos (where you vary the stitch within a row, but line them up so they run in columns). These can be very nice 🙂 so I’ve added a Subtler Rib table to my Stitch Combo Gallery.

Here’s one I came up with during the latest phase of my “Sock Quest”
It’s a (Twisted Knit)/2(Knit-BckBar) rib combo. It looks a bit like knit work, only nicer. Plus it’s still got the comfy, nubbie backside.

This is a test “Sock Slipper” that have my “Better than Knit” combo on the top of the foot. sock sock 2
I like the way this stitch combo works with the knit rib cuffs, so I’m going to get rid of the Simple stitch on the soles and see where that goes.

That’s the plan and I’m off to implement it 😀

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