2nd Purse is Finally Done

this was long overdue.

I’ve been steadily adding details to the Ravelry project page:
so this would be the best summary.

Current Picture:

I ended up ripping the lining and just adding a corrugated (Purled Post/2 Knit-BckBar) bottom inside.

The inner bottom layer serves two (2) purposes:
1. It’s good padding for the contents and keeps them from poking through the bottom.
2. The Knit-BckBar stitch leans toward the end of the forward pass,
so the purse bottom and the inner bottom leaned in opposite ways
and sorta canceled each other out when I sewed their backsides together.

This is a picture of the inside of the purse, just after I sewed the lining in:
inside bottom

I’m quite pleased with the new bag and so glad that it’s finally done!

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