Need More Organization!

Yup, definitely!

I finished the outside of the purse and have hidden it deep in one of my stashes. I hope to ignore it until I’ve finished at least a rough draft of the eyeglass case pattern (which I’ve ripped and restarted for the final time, I hope!)

Purse progress:
It’s nicely shaped, so the lining will be mostly of (fast) stockinette, with a tuni crochet bottom (instead of a cloth lining).

The first pic is the purse, hanging with my purse stuff inside it
and the second one is the finished lining bottom sitting on the bottom of the purse.
purse bottom

I’ve also added a “Stitch Combo Gallery” page to this site
and split off part of “Stitch Gallery 1” to there.

I find I need to add yet more stitch combos, since I’m getting a bit beyond the galleries as I make new objects. …And I hate to rip and recrochet when I think of a better stitch combo as I’m half way through an object.

So I’ve added a couple of stitch combos from the purse bottom to the new gallery already.

So much for trying to straighten up the blog.
I’m having one of those “my whole life is muddled” days.

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