Eyeglass Case and Purse

I’ve been busy.

I have finished the sides, strap, and bottom of my next purse.
They’re all one piece at this point and this is the bottom pinned to some newspaper so that I can make a pattern for the lining that I’ll need eventually:
You can see some red marker near the bottom of the picture, where I’ve done some outlining.

The Knit-BackBar stitch that I’m using seems to have a noticeable lean. I’m hoping the lining will chill that down a bit.

I also decided that making an eyeglass case out of wool Noro yarn was not my main thing, so I’ll be doing the eyeglass pattern out of a 2-yarn fabric with a decorative corrugated pattern on it:
3rd one
Neither item is not as “pastel” as they look in the pictures–that’s just the lighting today.

I’m pretty excited about both projects. šŸ˜€

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