Sister’s Shoulder Bag

This was finally done in June and shipped off in Christmas wrap.

These long projects are always hugely frustrating to me–by the time they’re done, I know how to do them sooo much better.

The concept was to use Hempathy yarn for the backbone and do the return rows in vivid mercerized yarn, to make it look like I’d woven in embroidery. The biggest challenge was that the “DK weight” Hempathy is more like a fingerling weight yarn. …So endless tiny stitches were required.

How the bag came out:
(The colors are a tad brighter than in the picture.)

The “embroidered” detail:

detail 2

And the partial lining on the bottom that helps it hold its shape:

I’m kinda exhausted with the whole thing.
If you have questions, please do ask them as comments.


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2 responses to “Sister’s Shoulder Bag

  1. Margaret

    I wish I were your sister! Dang that’s awesome!

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