A Better Tuni/Knit Sock

I’ve been at it again.

This time I did just the toe and heel in tunisian crochet.
I flirted with knitting them, but this was kinda a fiasco.

The toe(s), before seaming:
I figured out how to attach the sides while I crocheted the heel (rather than seaming them), so next time I will do that for the toe too.

The finished sock:

After I seamed the toe, I pulled up loops from the (neat) edges and slid them on knitting needles (DPNs).
I did the heel by sliding the loops between DPNs and my hook, so there are no other seams.

You can see that I knit a bit of increasing at the sides near the toe and before I started the heel.
Aside from that, I did straight stockinette for the sole and a 2 x 1 rib for the top of the sock and cuff.
And I used “Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off” on the top of the cuffs, which worked nicely.

Pics of the sock, on:
on 1
on 2
on 3

I only made one, because I didn’t care for the way the yarn felt on my feet.
Now I’m off to other adventures, with better yarn 🙂

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