End of Test Sock Debacle

This was quite the learning experience…

It could have been worse (I didn’t burn it),
but I can now see why so many folks are so interested in crocheting socks,
even though few crochet stitches are stretchy.

First I tried to knit the rest on my cable number 4s.
I bet you already knew that standard length circular needles are just impossible to use for knitting socks.

Then I took myself off to the Hobby Lobby and got myself some DPNs (double-pointed needles).

So, using a number 4 crochet hook,
I loaded connector loops up onto some number 4 DPNs, as shown:
on dpns

Then I tried to fake knitting with DPNs, in slavish imitation of the Guild members I’ve watched–thank you guys!
dpns 2

I struggled with this for quite a while and badly.
Thank heaven I was doing this with 4s–I can only imagine the joy of trying this on 0s the first time.

Then I gave the cuffs the standard bind-off, which didn’t work at all. Apparently you need special stretchy bind-offs for this sort of thing.
(No picture, the test sock got attacked by scissors and almost burned at this stage.)

Then I googled “stretchy sock bind off” and found this: http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall09/FEATjssbo.php
I recommend it. (And I can’t seem to get WordPress to send you there.)

So I did a cuff on it a second time with improved techniques.
On 2

And after I tried it on (it fit great, actually),
the sock’s imperfections became even more obvious:

So this was a most humbling and successful learning experience.
Tunisian crochet is sooo much easier!

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