Boye Cable Hack 2

I used the last cable for a while and found the join (where the 2 cables met inside the heat shrink tubing) is starting to weaken.

So… Version 2 with better pictures and less verbiage:

The tubing with 2 layers of tubing in the center, heat shrunk around the weedwacker cable:
pic 1

The Boye replacement cable that got hacked:
pic 2

The cut components and my sanding block:
pic 3
The sanding is a lose-lose thing. You don’t want a sharp step for the yarn to go over, but the rubbery heat shrink tubing gets roughened up and stickier with sanding.

I ended up doing a final zap with the heat gun and smoothing the step down while the heat shrink tubing was still hot. (But don’t use your fingers for this–the tubing gets too hot.)

Assembled cable:
pic 4

Cable, fitted with points, and bearing future headband.
pic 5

This is an acceptable hack only because the Boye points are so lovely.
I really wish they’d do longer replacement cables.

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