Boye Replacement Cable Hack

There’s already a great cable hack out there, but the clever husband discovered an easier one.

( WARNING: the joins may catch a bit and could be fragile, depending on your skill level.
The best solution would be for Boye to go back to making longer cables so that their lovely needle points could become useful again. )

Steps (followed by picture):
1. Get a Boye replacement cable, some 0.065 inch weed-wacker cable (WW cable, light blue in picture), and some 1/8″ heat shrink tubing (HS tubing, black in picture).

2. Cut the Boyle replacement cable (off squarely) so that there’s around 1/2″ of the smallest OD part sticking out from the screw connector ends.

3. Cut the WW cable (off squarely) to roughly the desired length.

4. Cut matching pieces of the HS tubing to around 1 inch lengths.

5. Use a heat gun/blow drier to preshrink one of the heat shrink tubing pieces.

6. Apply a thin stripe of Super/Krazy Glue along the last 1/2″ of the connector end and the WW cable end. Then stick them inside the preshrunk tube.

7. Repeat Steps 5 & 6 for the other end.

8. Let the ends dry, then sand a taper into the steps formed by the HS cable on the WW cable.

9. Once the steps have been tapered down, the join may benefit from a final heat treatment with the heat gun/blow drier.

10. Enjoy

Big Picture
This was done with a bent end replacement cable, but the procedure would be exactly the same if the ends were straight.

I’ve strengthened the join and posted better pictures at:

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