Starting Knit/Tuni Socks

The husband saw the hand sock and was moved to request socks.
So I’m trying to make a test pair for myself first.

I wasn’t expecting to EVER want to make socks that could be worn under shoes, so there are practical challenges. For instance, I don’t own appropriate knitting needles for this.

But on the other hand, if I make them only using Tuni Crochet, they need to be very carefully tailored because I can only get stretch in one direction, with effort.

So I made a sole using a K-FrtBar/Purl corrugated stitch combo, which stretches lengthwise. The two (2) sides:
right side
other side
I like the look of the back side better, but then again, it’s also smoother and nicer next to the skin.

There’s a tab on the heel that’s supposed to fold up and connect with the knit part.

Then I started on the rest of it with my Size 2 Boye needles… What a fiasco! The Size 2s are only barely small enough and the stiff cord connecting them made the project impossible, even without trying to Magic Loop.

So I switched to my next smallest (non-Boye) option, my Size 4 Trendz. These work much better, but they’re decidedly too big.

So I needed more Tuni Crochet for the toe and followed that up with a 2K/1P rib.
This is a picture of the backside and the start of the knit part, with the Size 4s:
starting top

This is quite an adventure so far.
It might work.

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