Jug-Shaped Bag

This turned out quite a bit better than I expected.

I used a corrugated Split K-FrtBar/Purled Post stitch combo for the in-the-round part (brown & aqua yarns).
And I used its no-turn analog for the strap.

After ripping to the transition many times,
I was finally satisfied with the knit stockinette stitch if I knit 2 yarns at a time.
This creates a fabric that’s about the same weight as the tunisian part, but stretchier.


bag 2 bag 3


Filed under Combo of Tunisian Stitches, Knitting, Success, Tunisian Crochet Technique

2 responses to “Jug-Shaped Bag

  1. motodiva

    Wow this looks awesome! You really should sell your goodies on Etsy. It is beautiful,

    • Thanks Dar! (I think it’s Dar again?)

      I’m trying to develop into a fiber artist.
      I’m kinda doubting I could make money selling handmade items otherwise.

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