Another (TC) Ribbed Headband

This one’s kinda cool.
The husband says it makes me look like a hippy (one of my goals đŸ˜‰ )


On: on


This is just the K-FrtBar stitch (my old favorite) and its reverse.
The rib that goes vertical is quite stretchy, even though I was using yarn that wasn’t.

It was a challenge adding on the top stitches at the other orientation, while maintaining any stretch.
Basically, I ended up just doing it loosely and letting that band be tighter.

While doing that top part, I realized that I could flip the work and keep the return chain always in the same yarn.
So the 2 parts look different, even though I did exactly the same stitches.

This is the corrugated combo done as traditional tunisian crochet:

This is the version where I flipped the work to keep the return chain in the same yarn:
hi test

Pretty cool! (from my warped perspective)

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