Ribbing in Tunisian Crochet

Even though I optimistically called one type of combo a “Rib Combo”, that’s not the best way to mimic knit rib. It works much better to do it sideways in tunisian crochet.

However, the reverse stitches that I developed for dramatic rib combos have turned out to be golden.

If you put a deliberate curl in the fabric, then do the reverse stitch for alternating rows, this creates a fabric that’s much stretchier than traditional tunisian.

It turns out that “curl” is useful because it’s elastic. (Usually tunisian crocheted fabric stretches and then stays stretched.)

These are some corrugated (horizontal stripe) combos that could make good ribbing.
(See Stitch Gallery 1 for the full-sized version.)
corregated stitches
These samples are a bit stretchier than usual, but if you use a small enough hook to encourage curl, they have more elastic stretch.

I’m making a headband with the Knit-BckBar one


So far it definitely stretches, then returns to a smaller size,
so I’m counting this as a success.

I’m also working to clarify the hook strokes–they’re still a bit confused with the yarn bars and the spaces that they involve.
So, I’ll continue to modify the Notation page until I’m fairly sure both it and I are clear.

Most recently, I put in a picture that IDs the main yarn bars and spaces.
I’m tending toward slightly different, more descriptive names for these than the hook strokes that involve them.

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