More Progress

I’ve been working away on reverse stitches
and now have a couple of tables full over in Stitch Gallery 1.

I’ve also realized (after much knocking my head against the wall) that the easiest way to get a deep rib is to do a corduroy (horizontal stripe) stitch combo and turn it sideways.

Like this (which is going to be a silly hat band):

And for those who are getting tired of the technical stuff,
this is my charity scarf-in-progress:

So, on to more technical stuff…

About reverse stitches–I was totally confusing myself with the notation,
so I’m going this way:

  • They are named after the stitch on the reverse side. So that means a Reverse K-FrtBar has you hook the BckBar from the back side.
  • The reverse of a purled stitch has you purling the stitch on the back side, so I’m abandoning the “YarnFront” shorthand and replacing it with “Purl”. So you purl a stitch by holding the yarn on whichever side of the fabric you are working, to create a loop on that side.

I also needed to create a new “from the back” prefix,
so now the prefixes are:
None–the usual
Kn–hook enters the front side and goes through the fabric by the vertical yarn bars
Bc–the usual back stitch
Bn–like Kn, hook enters the back side and goes through the fabric by the vertical yarn bars

I’m making a lot of changes here
and there will be errors in the tables until I can stamp them all out.
Oh well…

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