Cool New Reverse Stitch–Reverse K-BckBar

Since I’m trying to mimic woven stitches, I’m happy about this new reverse stitch
(shown on the top, with the “unreversed” one on the bottom):
front back
The 1st picture shows the front of the test swatch and the second one shows the back.
You can see how they resemble each other, except that I’ve done the reverse stitch looser. Also there’s a mirror reflection that confuses things.

I’ve got some pictures of how to do it (below).
Once you get the hang of it (and have a pointy hook), it’s not too hard.

This picture shows the forward pass, before I’ve started the stitch (I’m right-handed):
start Bigger Pic

You start by poking the hook through between the vertical bars from the back,
shown here:
poke Bigger Pic

Then you twist the hook around and hook the front bar from the front:
twist front Bigger Pic

Then you pull the front bar down,
push the hook through the resulting gap (which brings the other 2 horizontal bars to the front)
and reach the hook up to hook new yarn:
reach Bigger Pic

Then you pull the new yarn through the gap in the return chain and the space between the vertical bars, to form your loop:
pull Bigger Pic

Once you pull through a new loop, I would twist the hook a bit before starting the new stitch (or the last loop tends to fall off):
done Bigger Pic

If you’re trying this, you’ll probably want to experiment a little to find the easiest way for you.

Peace and joy to the other stitch explorers out there! 🙂


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2 responses to “Cool New Reverse Stitch–Reverse K-BckBar

  1. Annelies Jongepier

    I like your stitch. I am Dutch so I want to aske You, if there is a YouTube video of the stitch
    I hope You can help me.
    Annelies Jongepier.

    • Thank you for your comments.

      I am sorry, I cannot do videos. I am just showing what I’ve done and hoping that others will play around with it themselves.

      Perhaps Google Translate would help.

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