Changes to the Notation Page

I’ve been looking at “reverse” stitches (when you reach the hook in from the back to do the stitches).

Because of this, I realized that one can’t uniquely specify the hook strokes by just listing the yarn bars (or spaces) involved. For example, you can hook the chain bars so that you go straight to the back between the last row of stitches and the last return chain (like doing a knit stitch).

Or you can hook them by pulling them forward and pushing the hook upwards through the gap (like I thought I was doing in the K stitches, but maybe not consistently).

Or you can hook them by entering from the back and pulling the bars backward (like you would for a reverse stitch).

So I’ve added prefixes to the bar and space designations, so that the strokes can be precisely specified.

These are:
Tw= for twisted–use the hook to create a twist in the bar
Bc= for back–the hook from the back like for a reverse stitch
Kn= for knit–the hook moves between the return row and the last row, like in a knit stitch

I’ve added pictures of these strokes to the Notation Page.
Well… at least the ones I can remember doing. There are now a whole lot more possible strokes (to say nothing of the ridiculous number of new stitches that can be specified).

So I’m exhausted, but happy to be making progress.

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