Rib Stitches

I’ve been busy doing rib stitch combo experiments
(…okay, playing with my hook).

From this, I’ve IDed two useful new reverse stitches that I’ve combined with other stitches to make two pretty interesting rib combos.

This one mimics knit rib stitch from the front
rib combo 1
but is a legit tunisian stitch combo from the back
The 2 examples shown combine the new Reverse K-TopKnot stitch with the older Twisted Vee stitch.

The other combo creates a deeply sculpted fabric
combo 2
that looks even better from the back
This combines the new Reverse K-BckBar stitch (which may change names) with the older K-FrtBar stitch.

All this activity triggered a reorganization of Stitch Gallery 1
so that I could include these results.

So that’s the latest.

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