Odds & Ends from the Roadtrip

We took a long car trip up north to go skiing, so I have a few random projects that resulted.

The cowl I knit on the way up (to wear while skiing):

The fingerless gloves that I knit for my feet:
These actually did fit on my feet, but they do not produce a noticeable improvement in the way my feet feel.

The new charity scarf in progress:
This has a cool new honeycomb stitch that I’m trying (Vee stitch with Purl stitch) using a large (L) hook.

Finally, there’s also a hat in progress:
This was the last of the “design in my head” series
and the only one that didn’t get ripped.
Some kind person on Ravelry posted good pictures
of how to make the wedges using knit short rows,
so I decided to give that a try.

Anyway, I’m back and should be posting more regularly again.


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2 responses to “Odds & Ends from the Roadtrip

  1. Turtle do your hands & wrists ever get sore from all the tuni crochet? I love the fingerless gloves they are gorgeous!

  2. I get trouble with my joints pretty easily, but it’s not a repetitive strain thing, just old age (and consider the alternative 😉 ).

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