Added In-the-Round Stitches to Gallery

I finished one test swatch that looks like this:

Some of these stitches are interesting, but none of them grab me as good ones for the shoulder bag.
I still have a few more to try, which I discovered as I was writing up these stitches.

I find that working the chain backwards makes it harder to do most of the K stitches.
The easiest one becomes the K-TopKnot because HTopBar is still in the usual place.

I’ve added 2 tables to the bottom of the Stitch Gallery that shows stitches from the swatch.
These were all worked with a thicker, lighter yarn for the return chain.

The resulting tables show (rather dramatically) how changing the stitches & combos changes the fabric back.

Later edit:
Actually, I see I never posted the revised page.
It’s just as well, since I’ll be starting a Stitch Gallery 2 page and posting 2-ended tunisian stitches there.

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