Started Shoulder Bag

I’m making a shoulder bag for my sister
and should she see this, I wouldn’t recommend viewing the pictures below–this version may yet get burned!

I finished the wrist warmers and have been trying them out. The next version will have thumb gussets and decreases up near the fingers.
(Warning: knitting little items like this
can quickly become an addiction!)

I also started the shoulder bag with a brightly-colored spiral.
Immediately I ran into challenges, because the Hempathy yarn that I ordered on-line turned out to be a much finer “DK” than I was expecting. …Plus I ordered most of it in dark purple, so it’s tough for the old eyes to see.

Picture showing dark purple and lime green Hempathy:

Then I added some bright fuchsia striping to shape the sides. I wanted to get the same stitch as I was using in-the-round (with the return row chain done in brightly-colored yarn).
So I had to use the reverse stitch on every other row, which got quite messy by the time I was doing over a hundred stitches.

So to neaten things up, I figured out how to run those rows left-handed.
In hindsight, the whole thing was a major design mistake (although I’m getting pretty good at the left-handed thing).

More pictures:
start sides

bottom is done

Now that I have that fiasco behind me and am back to working in-the-round, I’ve been trying to come up with a decorative stitch for the sides of the bag.

My stitch gallery isn’t helping much because of the thicker, brighter return pass yarn.
So I’m doing a swatch to try to come up with something:
If that doesn’t work, I’ll do stripes with the forward pass yarn switched to the thicker stuff.
Or maybe I’ll do both.

Incidentally, this one definitely needs and will have a silky lining (unless I burn it first).

Dang, I hope this thing works out.


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2 responses to “Started Shoulder Bag

  1. Dar

    The bag is going to be lovely! You are so talented! I think you need to think about putting your items on Etsy.

  2. Heh!
    This one’s not a candidate.
    It will take months.

    (Sorry for the slow responses.
    My spam filter appears to be catching my notifications.)

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